Clara Bell

Clara was my first little baby! When her mom, Nicki, came back to work after maternity leave, I practically jumped on her to let me photography Clara. Luckily, Nicki was just as excited to let me take Clara’s pictures as I was to take them.

Clara was so cooperative. She let us change her clothes, only fussed a tiny bit when she had to wear hats, but you could tell her favorite place to be was outside, in her daddy’s arms!

When Clara came into the office only a week later, she had already changed so much, that I am so happy that we were able to capture her at this cute little stage!:)


the D family and 5 other photographers

My friend Meg has been amazing at helping me start my business. She not only introduced me to Liz and Bill, but also to Olivia and Taz and their beautiful family that is featured in this post!

Olivia is just one of those women that you want in your corner from the moment that you meet her. She’s fun, energetic, knows what she wants, and communicates in an amazingly positive way! I talked with her about my business when I met her at the party, but was shocked, thrilled, and honored when she contacted me to capture her family’s photos!

Since this was my third session of the fall, and my first one with two kiddos, I learned something valuable – work hard to get at least one shot where everyone is smiling! And if you can’t get everyone, make sure the parents look amazing.:)But all in all, Ale and Massi were perfect angels! They were cute, flirted with the camera, and just a blast to shoot! I really hope I get to capture them being their amazing little selves again soon!

The other amazing thing that came from this session wasClaude Moore Park! We were one of no less that 6 photographer/client groups at Claude Moore Park. I thought it was cool that this park was widely used, and that each of the photographers there was capturing something different with their families! It was kinda awesome!



selective coloring

When I first started digitally editing photos, I used (I’m still a little sad that it no longer exists in its full version, though a lot of the tools are available in picasa’s creative kit). I was certainly guilty of over editing back then.

I over used airbrushing, changed eye colors, used silly borders or heavy vignetting, and over used selective color. I had gotten to the point where I started to think of selective color as a rookie “mistake” in the world of photography. Apparently I wasn’t alone. Someone in a photography/prop group I am in posed a question about selective color and asked how people felt about it. It seems that clients really like it. Or maybe its just something that they don’t have access (time/skills) to do, so they are interested in it.

I, of course, had to weigh in with my opinion! I said: I can sometimes like it, but not on people.

My brain screamed “WHAT?! Why are you limiting yourself? You are too talented and too inexperienced at what you do to make a statement that limits you this early in your career. You need to try to make selective color work. Take it from rookie playing around, to professional.” Because, even if it is just a fad, if the customer wants it, I should provide it. As much as my photography is an expression of my art, it is also a product that I am selling to a specific client.

So here are some of my takes on selective coloring:

I guess the moral of the story is: don’t limit yourself, try new things, and shoes work well for selective color:)


Ella being Ella :)

Babies and toddlers grow up so fast. When I was a nanny, I made notes of what my littlest one, Ally, did every month; her favorite words, toys, games, sayings, and habits. I also took pictures and made audio recordings. It was amazing that looking back just one or two months, how much she would change.

I think its so much fun to document kids in their in between stages. They grow up so quickly, that if you don’t, you’re likely to forget. I guess that’s why so many photographers call their pricing page: investment. I agree, that profession photos are an investment, and a well worth it one, but it should also be accessible. That’s my goal.

Miss Ella’s shoot took place in a safe play meadow where she could run a round and just be herself. We coaxed her with some mini pumpkins and some physical play from mom and dad, but mostly just captured her 17 month self. Fingers in her mouth and all. Who knows, that little habit might be gone by the time she’s two. And now, its documented, in all its adorable glory!

Thank you, Liz and Bill, for letting me capture these memories for you!





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